Patient Instruction Guides

Shown here are the patient instruction guidelines that we give patients who attend the Veract Intractable Pain Clinic. They are presented here as a public service. I hope you find something to help in these guidelines for Intractable Pain Patients.

The Intractable Pain Patient’s Guide to Pain Free Hours

Arachnoiditis Handbook for Relief and Recovery

Also available:

What to do While Looking for a Good Pain Doctor.

The Intractable Pain Patient’s Handbook for Survival

March to 90 mg-Series

How to Reduce Your Opioid Dosage to 90 MED

Terrific Troches Essential on Your March to 90

Sources for Natural Pain Relievers

Long-Acting Opioids: Biggest Barrier to Reducing to 90

Centralized Pain & Neuroinflammation Treatment Critical to Reach 90